Soapstone Slabs

Soapstone Countertop Colors and Varieties

Classic Soapstone has one of the largest selection of Soapstone countertop colors and slabs in Washington DC metro area. Our Soapstone collection includes Virginia Soapstone from Aberene Soapstone; Original PA from Green Mountain Soapstone, Dorado Soapstone, Barocca Soapstone, Black Soapstone, Smoke Soapstone, Indigo Soapstone, and many other varieties of Soapstone.

Soapstone Slab Collection

[img src=]8180Classic Soapstone extensive selection
[img src=]7220Alberene Church Hill Soapstone 9532
Alberene Church Hill Soapstone 9532
[img src=]6270Alberene Church Hill Soapstone 9532 Close up
[img src=]5360Alberene Church Hill Soapstone 9542 half wet
[img src=]5740Alberene Church Hill Soapstone 9543 half wet
[img src=]5401Alberene Church Hill Soapstone 9542 dry
[img src=]5540Alberene Church Hill Soapstone 10260 half wet
[img src=]4950alberene Church Hill Soapstone 10260 wet close up
[img src=]4951Alberene Church Hill Soapstone 10260 dry
[img src=]4951Alberene Church Hill Soapstone half wet
[img src=]4620Alberene Church Hill Soapstone 9542 dry
[img src=]4710Alberene Church Hill Soapstone close-up
[img src=]4390Alberene Church Hill Soapstone half wet
[img src=]4470Alberene Church Hill Soapstone dry
[img src=]4160Barroca Soapstone
[img src=]3960Barroca Soapstone 5990 dry
[img src=]3850Barroca Soapstone 10733 dry
[img src=]3910Barroca Soapstone 10733 half wet
[img src=]3790Barroca Soapstone 10733 half wet
[img src=]3690Black Soapstone 9866
[img src=]3550Black Soapstone 10425 dry
[img src=]3390Black Soapstone 10425 half wet
[img src=]3540Black Soapstone 10425 wet
[img src=]3160Black Soapstone
[img src=]3270Black Soapstone half wet
[img src=]3461Black Soapstone
[img src=]3250Green Mountain Soapstone Original PA 151 dry
[img src=]3010Green Mountain Soapstone Original PA 166 dry
[img src=]3110Green Mountain Soapstone Original PA 166 half wet
[img src=]2950Green Mountain Soapstone Original PA 166 half wet
[img src=]2840Green Mountain Soapstone Original PA 171 dry
[img src=]2760Green Mountain Soapstone Original PA 171 half wet
[img src=]2890Green Mountain Soapstone Original PA half wet
[img src=]2780Green Mountain Soapstone Original PA
[img src=]2860Green Mountain Soapstone
[img src=]2980Indigo Soapstone close up
[img src=]2910Indigo Soapstone half wet
[img src=]2820Indigo Soapstone half wet
[img src=]2850Indigo Soapstone leathered 8554 dry
[img src=]2720Indigo Soapstone Leathered 9564 dry
[img src=]2760Indigo Soapstone Leathered 9564 dry
[img src=]2540Indigo Soapstone Leathered close up
[img src=]2520Indigo Soapstone Leathered half wet

In certain browsers, to view Soapstone Countertop Colors in “Full Screen” click on “FS” on lower right hand corner of the scroll bar. To view the name of the Soapstone color, click on the “Info” on the right corner of the upper bar. This gallery displays a sample colors of our Soapstone slab inventory. Please visit our showroom in Northern Virginia, as our Soapstone slab selections change frequently.

Soapstone countertop colors are either grey or green. Grey color soapstone turns into a charcoal color after being oxidized. Never-the-less, all Soaspstone slabs have a tint of green color in them. Varieties of Soapstone slabs are mainly determined by the amount and the color of the veining.

Soapstone Countertop Colors

Extensive Selection of Soapstone Slabs in stock

All of our Soapstone slabs are displayed in our slab yard in Northern VA. Several buckets of water and sponges have been placed by the Soapstone slabs, so you could experiment the feel and look of the Soapstone after it has been oiled. Our showroom in Herndon, VA is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm, and on Saturdays, from 10 am to 2 pm. However, since our Soapstone slabs are stored outdoor, we recommend that you come in during the day light for best viewing.

At Classic Soapstone we have many varieties of Soapstone slab to satisfy most personal preference and decor. Another factor when selecting Soapstone slab is the hardness of the Soapstone. All Soapstone slabs we stock in Herndon, VA, are harder Soapstone suitable for Countertops. We do not stock softer Soapstone designed for carving, or other purpose.