Soapstone Countertops FAQs

Answers to Soapstone Countertops FAQs

Are Soapstone Countertop Seams invisible?

All Classic Soapstone countertops fabricated and installed by Euro Stone Craft are made with such high precision and tight seams that you can barely see them. Also, since we re-finish the surface, there is no lippage at the seam, making the seam almost invisible. However, if you look very closely, you will see the seam.

Do you make custom Soapstone Sinks?

We certainly do. All of our sinks are custom-made by Euro Stone Craft to your specification and design. We make the sinks in any size and depth in single or double bowl. If you imagine it, we can make it. Please stop by our showroom for a display of our custom sink.

Does Soapstone Scratch?

Yes, Soapstone is relatively softer than granite and soapstone countertops do scratch. However, the scratch could be easily removed. Light scratches simply disappear by oiling or waxing the surface. Deeper scratches could also be sanded out and then oiled to their original condition.

How are Soapstone Countertops fabricated?

Fabrication of Soapstone countertops is a specialty that requires a particular expertise and know-how in finishing techniques. All Soapstone countertops fabricated by Euro Stone Craft Soapstone are especially re-finished and prepared for oil treatment. Improper refinishing of the surface will cause the oil not to settle evenly on the countertop and the surface to become spotty.

How do I select my Soapstone Slabs?

Purchasing Soapstone from a small sample or picture may result in great disappointment. Our extensive selection of Soapstone slabs are stored and displayed outdoor with plenty of natural light. We also offer a bucket of water and a sponge, so you could experience a look of enhanced Soapstone after it is oiled.

How much Soapstone Countertops cost?

Soapstone Countertops cost varies depending on the type, brand, and quality of Soapstone. Generally premium Soapstone countertop are about the same price of higher-end granite.

Is Soapstone countertop porous?

No. Soapstone is a very dense stone. It will never stain and does not need to be sealed. As a matter of fact, Soapstone has been used in Chemistry labs for years because of its resistance to acid and other chemicals. Any household cleaner may be used to clean Soapstone countertops, without the fear of harming your countertops.

Is Soapstone Hard?

Soapstone comes in various hardness, depending on their amount of the talc content. There are basically three different types of Soapstone. First type is very soft and has large amount of talc. Talc mineral from these quarries are extracted for talc powder. The second type is medium content of talc. These relatively soft Soapstone are used for carving purpose. Lastly the hardest type of Soapstone is used for countertops. All soapstone slabs carried and stocked by Euro Stone Craft are harder soapstone ideal for Soapstone countertops.

What are the colors of Soapstone?

Soapstone comes only in light grey colors with a tint of green. The tint of green varies depending on the quarry, type of the Soapstone, and amount of talc content. Some Soapstone slabs are very green, while others the tint of green is not noticeable.

What is Soapstone?

Soapstone which is also known as Steatite is a metamorphic rock. Soapstone has a high content of mineral, Talc. The softness and soapy feeling of Soapstone is due to its content of Talc. Soapstone is very dense and non-porous. It will not stain and does not require sealing. Due to its unique characteristics, Soapstone has become one of the most popular choice of countertops in the last several years.

What is your Soapstone Countertop installation coverage area?

Since Soapstone is one of our specialties, we cover most of Virginia, West Virginia, DC, and Maryland. Please give us a call for a free estimate.

Where is Soapstone from?

Deposits of Soapstone are found in Brazil, India, Finland, and United States. Currently the only Soapstone slabs in the market are from Brazil, India, and Virginia. Alberene Soapstone is the only Soapstone quarry still operating in the United States. Soapstone from Finland are mainly used for Soapstone Fireplaces. Classic Soapstone carries one of the largest selections of Soapstone slabs from Brazil, India, and Virginia, in the Washington DC metro area.