Soapstone Kitchen Countertop

Why Choose Soapstone Soapstone for your next Soapstone Kitchen Countertop project?

The use of Soapstone and other natural stone is one of the most visible and expensive components of many projects. Selecting the right Soapstone kitchen countertop and an experienced soapstone fabricator is crucial to the successful completion of your project, and protecting your investment. Choosing stone can make or break your project; we will help you make the right choice to make our vision a reality.

Stone Selection & Quality

As with most other natural stone materials, such as diamond, there are different grades of Soapstone slabs. Depending on the hardness and integrity of the stone, there are many Soapstone varieties that are not suitable for countertops. Euro Stone Craft has collected one of the best and largest Soapstone Kitchen Countertopselection of premium Soapstone slabs in Virginia, DC, and Maryland. All slabs meets or exceed hardness for Soapstone Kitchen Countertops. Euro Stone Craft stocks more than 15 different varieties of Soapstone premium brands such as Dorado Soapstone, Vermont Green Mountain Soapstone, Fairfax Soapstone, and our own local Virginia Soapstone, Alberene Soapstone. With our extensive selection of Soapstone slabs we are here to meet your specific application, style, and design. All our Soapstone slabs are stored in our outdoor warehouse for customer viewing and selection.

Precise Measurement

Your custom Soapstone kitchen countertop will only look its best when it is fit perfectly and the seams are placed inconspicuously at desired locations. At Euro Stone Craft, we use LT55-XL Laser, one of the most advanced digital measurement technologies in the industry. LT-55-XLOur experienced and trained technicians use specially calibrated laser and advanced software to create a precise digital template of your countertop with 1/1000″ accuracy. Most of our competitors do not have digital template capability and continue to use wood strips or cardboard to create their template.