Vermont Soapstone

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Soapstone is a long tradition in Vermont. Since mid 18th century Vermont soapstone has been known for one of the best source of Soapstone in the country with many Soapstone quarries throughout Vermont and New England. Back then, Vermont soapstone was often used in wood stoves, as it radiated heat long after the fire burnt out, griddles, boot dryer, bed and feet warmers. It was then gradually used at homes for  countertops, sinks, and fireplaces.

Unfortunately, over the years, all quarries in Vermont have been shut down. Currently there are no Soapstone being quarried in Vermont. Green Mountain Soapstone is one of the third-generation family owned business, still remain in business located in 20 acres of the picturesque Green Mountains of Castleton, Vermont. Even though their quarry has been closed in US, they did not lose their passion for Soapstone. They have utilized their expensive Soapstone expertise and purchased one of best soapstone quarries in Brazil. Today, Green Mountain Soapstone is one of the largest supplier of Soapstone in North America.  Their Original PA Soapstone is one of the most sought after Soapstone in the country.

For more than a decade, Classic Soapstone by Euro Stone Craft has been stocking and fabricating Green Mountain Soapstone in Virginia, DC, and Maryland. We are currently one of their largest soapstone fabricator in the Washington DC metro area. As part of our showroom in Northern VA, we have Green Mountain Original PA Soapstone countertop and soapstone sink on Display. Customers who visit us, love the look and feel of Green Mountain Original PA Soapstone.

Vermont Soapstone

Green Mountain Original PA Soapstone

Green Mountain Original PA Soapstone is dark grey with beautiful fine veining. When oiled, the Original PA soapstone turns into a dramatic charcoal color. Green Mountain slabs are large suitable for larger countertops and islands.

Classic Soapstone has a wide selection of Original PA in stock to choose from.