Virginia Soapstone

Where does Virginia Soapstone come from?

We are very fortunate to be near the only operating Virginia Soapstone Quarry in the country. For over a century, Alberene Soapstone, located near Charlottesville, Virginia, has been quarrying and processing soapstone from its vein in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Virginia Soapstone Quarry











Alberene Virginia Soapstone  is among the most popular Soapstone slabs that Classic Soapstone carries in stock. Alberene Soapstone comes in three different varieties. Church Hill Reserve has a low talc content and is the darkest Soapstone in North America. Most veining tends to be dark as well. However, there are slabs with White quartzite or calcite veining. Old Dominion is Alberene’s signature and second most popular stone. It has more quartzite, calcite, and talc veins and, in the background, there are dark mineral dots called “nailheads.” Their last Soapstone variety is called American Original. This variety, that is not widely available, has a bluish grey color, with creamy and more pronounced veining.